Atex zones

Audits of the situation of facilities regarding ATEX compliance according to R.D. requirements. 681/2003.

The installation and documentation of the installation to be audited are analyzed and a report is issued that will collect and rule on the following points:

Evaluation and Classification of Areas with risk of fire and explosion.

The Atex site classification studies of the facilities analyzed will include:

Analysis of risk substances

Process analysis

Analysis of current ventilation conditions

Site classification

Determination of proposed conditions for risk reduction and/or declassification.

If applicable, reflect the areas and their classification on plans.

Frequently asked questions about ATEX Zones

They are those in which explosive atmospheres can form in such quantities that the adoption of special precautions is necessary to protect the safety and health of the affected workers.

  • The indicative list of industries and facilities that can foreseeably be ATEX is already a first approximation / orientation.
  • If we are on this list, we verify if we have substances with risks and proceed to the Diagnostic Audit.
  • In the event of the existence of Atex risks, we will proceed to generate the EPD, with all the analysis and content required by RD 681/2003.
  • If there are no Atex risks, it is advisable to generate technical documentation that proves that the risk has been analyzed and justifies that it has been ruled out.

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