Atex advice for
process engineering

Collaboration in the design phase of the installations taking into account the ATEX requirements of the installation.

Frequently asked questions about ATEX Consulting

  • It generates significant economic savings and reduces time costs since it avoids the possibility of having to make modifications once manufactured and/or installed, suggesting the best way to build safely according to ATEX.
  • It provides information and knowledge of what is being done from the beginning of the project, offering peace of mind to those responsible for it.
  • And furthermore, by participating from the beginning, future decision-making in this regard will be much more efficient, thanks to the involvement that has occurred.
  • Predetermine zone classification in the project phase, as this reduces the possibility of being too conservative, for example, and considering more ATEX equipment than would actually be necessary.
  • Provide solutions to reduce the size of the zones, instead of classifying them all and certifying them (with the consequent economic cost)
  • Anticipate possible difficulties in the face of security risks and ensure regulatory compliance that applies to each team.
  1. CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY (of compliance with safety directives and applicable regulations)
  2. INSTRUCTION MANUAL (in the language of the country where we are making the sale).
  3. Plate with the CE marking of the equipment, which includes the specific ATEX marking that corresponds to it.

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