ATEX in woodworking and related industries

When working with wooden parts, wood dust is generated that can form explosive dust/air mixtures in filters or silos.

Likewise, sawmills and pulp and paper manufacturing industries pose risks.

Risk facilities

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Explosion risk

The shavings and sawdust have considerable dimensions so that they remain suspended in the air for a few seconds, affecting small areas around the emission sources. Wood dust in fine particles, which is normally removed by vacuuming, is much more dangerous. Only in special cases and for limited periods can an explosive atmosphere occur when the suction ducts become clogged, there is a breakdown in the suction systems or the manual or automatic drive mechanisms fail). Emissions can be considered second degree and areas extending a few meters around tools can be classified as Zone 22. Losses from aspiration systems operating under pressure are unlikely. Zones 22 are also places where dust can settle in strata and occasionally cause explosive atmospheres, such as around the sawdust collection bag and places where mobile or portable power tools are occasionally used. These places must be cleaned regularly to eliminate possible accumulations of sawdust that, if dispersed into the atmosphere, can make it explosive.

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